The mobile space has been maturing rapidly in recent years. At first, companies just wanted to put out an app as soon as possible, but with the number of apps multiplying, users have become more selective with the apps they install. This is where you can make a difference with design. There’s more to it than just making your app look pretty!

How we can help you

At XABLU, we know from experience that designing a ‘good app’ is a craft that requires careful consideration and skill.

Define functionality

Having the fanciest app won’t help if there it doesn’t provide any added value to your users. We can help you identify your users’ problems and define the functionality to help solve them.

Improve usability

Users need to be able to easily understand where they can find each function and how they can use your app. Using (native) elements that are recognized by users will help them quickly understand the app.

Get the right visuals

94% of the time, first impressions are related to design, so it’s important to get it right. Using your brand’s colors and style in your app correctly helps create trust and a sense of familiarity for users.

Want to see more?

Download our Design Showcase to see examples of our work across different sectors and learn more about our design approach.