Xablu Education Programme

Having a team that is able to execute with all the necessary skills on board makes a huge difference. It starts with training, but it doesn’t end there. Following up with dedicated coaching ensures that your team not only gets up to speed, but also keeps on accelerating!

Xamarin Programmes

Our Xamarin University-certified developers will take your team to the next level

  • Xamarin Essentials

    • Get Xamarin certification ready
    • Effective alternative to self-study
    • Full Xamarin University curriculum
    • iOS, Android and cross-platform development
    • Xamarin.Forms and Azure

  • Xamarin Advanced

    • Go beyond the basics
    • Implementing native design patterns
    • Testing and profiling
    • About app architecture

  • Mastering Xamarin Test Cloud

    • Introduction to XTC
    • How to develop UI tests
    • Different test methodologies
    • Test management


MvvmCross Programmes

Unleash the power of MvvmCross in your development process

  • MvvmCross Fundamentals

    • Introduction to MvvmCross
    • The basics of cross platform
    • App architecture
    • Setting up your first project
    • Unit testing
    • Mini-hackathon

  • MvvmCross Advanced

    • Advanced navigation patterns
    • Inversion of Control
    • Dependancy injection
    • Value converters
    • Advanced bindings
    • Automated UI testing
    • Mini-hackathon

  • MvvmCross Blackbelt

    • MvvmCross internals
    • Debugging MvvmCross
    • Using nightly builds
    • App profiling
    • Analyse app architecture
    • App lifecycle management
    • How to contribute


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