UI/UX Review


Why do you need a review?

Over the years we have seen the mobile space maturing rapidly. While first companies ‘just wanted an app as soon as possible’, these days companies have a full mobile strategy often labelled with a ‘Mobile First’ tag. We have also seen a change in consumer behaviour: brand loyalty is at a low, and feedback to your product or service comes quick and often rather vocal.

It is in this space that we think UX (User eXperience) of your product or service is key: it basically decides whether your customer feels happy and satisfied or disappointed. Obviously this has a direct impact on your retention, especially considering low brand loyalty resulting in customers switching easy and swift.

What defines an user experience?

There are a lot of things that contribute to how your user perceives your mobile application. We’ve listed the ones that have the most impact.


You might have the most fancy app ever, but if it doesn’t have any added value for your users they are not going to be using it very often. That’s why you first need to look at what problems you are trying to solve for your user.


After defining what the goals are of your user it is of great importance to make those goals easily reachable. The users should be able to navigate through the app without difficulty, so they can find what they’er looking for. Also keep in mind that they probably use other apps more than your app (unless you’re Facebook). This means that using elements that users are familiar with and recognise will help them quickly understand the app.


They say that you should make the first impression count and that especially applies to design. First impressions are in 94% of the cases related to design. The visual style should support the functionality of the app and highlight the most important actions on the screen. Using your brand’s colors and style in your app correctly helps building trust and recognisability.

How can we help you?

We at XABLU know from experience that designing a ‘good app’ is a craft. It’s not something you can do on the side by just ‘translating’ your web site. It requires well-trained, highly qualified staff for mobile app design that are intimately familiar with all the design aspects of the mobile operating systems.

So to help you out we offer you to do a full UX/UI review on your existing app, regardless of the technology in which the app is build! This means that our highly qualified design staff will have an in-depth look at your app and write a beautiful report with their findings and recommendations! For that we only need access to your app and some background information and within a week you will receive your report. It’s that easy!

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