Participatory Design Training

Use the wishdom of the crowd and boost app development by including all stakeholders!


Spice up your backlog by involving all stakeholders

In this course, you will learn about the importance of including your stakeholders throughout your development process, which will save a lot of time, thus money, concerning the development. This course will focus on getting you familiar with participatory design and learning the tools to be able to include participatory design in your future projects. You will learn about identifying your stakeholders, including them within your process, organizing their feedback and quickly creating prototypes to test concepts within specific environments with target user groups.

The first day will focus on a theoretical example. The second day will focus on a practical example related to the company, on which you can build further after the course has ended. 


Including participatory design within your project can add a lot of value by improving usability, ensuring the application fits the context and fixing potential problems early on, which are then excluded from the development phase of the application. This course explains the concept of participatory design and how it works. By the end of this course, you will understand the general outline of including stakeholders throughout your application development process. 
Before you can start including your stakeholders, you need to understand who they are. Within this course, the concept of stakeholders will be explained and you will learn how to determine them. Moreover, their importance will be evaluated, which will determine their level of influence within your project. Moreover, you will gain hands-on experience of how to include these stakeholders. 
What do you do with all the information you have received from your users? How do you organize and prioritize feedback to decide on how it should be implemented within your application? The feedback you receive can be contradicting, so it is important to learn how to determine which requirements must be included. You will gain hands-on experience in translating feedback to measurable and implementable requirements. 
It can be very difficult to imagine what applications will look like. In order to determine if an application wil be usable and work within a specific context, you must test the application as quickly as possible. Several techniques for quickly creating (rapid) prototypes are demonstrated. During this course, you will gain hands-on experience on creating such a prototype. 
Once the prototype has been created, it is important to prepare and execute adequate testing techniques. Different testing techniques, which include the stakeholders, will be explained. Moreover, participants will perform different techniques in order to obtain a better understanding of how efficient and relevant rapid prototyping can be for their projects. 

Target Audience

Product Owners who want to obtain more practical methods and experience on how stakeholders can be included within their projects. Development teams who, as a team, want to work towards a stakeholder-focused solution. 

Lab Development

These 2 days include hands-on workshops where participants will be asked to interview, design and test in order to fully understand how to implement the participatory design methods in future work. 


– Basic knowledge of Agile and Scrum
– Basic knowledge of Mobile Apps

Course Materials:​

All materials necesarry for the Participatory Desing training will be provided by Xablu.


Attendees will receive a participation certificate.​

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