NLP 4 Agile Scrum Teams: optimize team communication

Improve interpersonal skills and effectiveness of your Agile ceremonies


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Develop effectiveness of communication and interpersonal skills in all your Scrum Ceremonies

Highly effective projects require high performance teams which work towards achieving project goals together. Building such a team with Agile Methodologies is easy to talk about but difficult to accomplish. This course will support you and your team to discover Interpersonal Skills using NLP techniques which improve Scrum Ceremonies and communication with your stakeholders. Your team will learn patterns and practices which are very useful in your Scrum Ceremonies and strengthen relationships among team members.


In this Module you will learn all about the basic NLP communication skills needed to start your journey on highly effective communication. You will understand more about how the mind works. How basic experiences turn out into your communication programs. You will understand more about how the brain works in the communcition process and will learn about language in relation to words, tonality and non verbal communication and use of your senses

In this module we will be focussing on the basic sprint ceremonies and show how to use NLP methods.
We have created special themes per sprint method in which you will get to learn specific tools to make your performance in scrum ceremonies even more successful.
Planning Ceremonie:
– Building rapport – pacing and leading
– Asking relevant questions
– Dealing with different insight and communication levels
– Speaking up and saying no for a chance

Daily Scrum:
– Mindset for succes
– Getting to the point quickly

Refinement Session:
– Understanding of the effect of different intent and values.
– Taking in feedback
– Asking for help

Review ceremonie:
– Giving and receiving feedback
– Asking for insights


Giving feedback on Pull Requests and in Retrospective ceremonies can be hard. In this module we will focus on helping you improving giving and receiving feedback by:
– Understanding personality in Communication
– 360 degrees feedback
– Self evaluation (meta view)
– Forming positive goals

This module is al about understanding the perspective of the stakeholders. But we are not just focussing on understanding but also how to convince diverent stakeholders of your perspective. Speaking up for yourself and your team but not losing the focus on what is really important. When this module is finished you wil be able to better see cases from every perspective, descide what is best and next to do and have the convidence to convince.


Target Audience

The NLP 4 Scrum  training is extremely suitable for Scrum and KanBan Agile teams who want to develop effectiveness of communication and interpersonal skills in all their Agile Ceremonies.



All of the exercises in this training have an online lab. In these modules, you will train interpersonal skills and improve your effectiveness in communication. 


No development skills are needed. Business people with a deep understanding of the processes in their organization are invited to follow this course. Good experience with Excel is a huge plus!

Course Materials:​

All materials necessary for the training will be provided by Xablu.


Attendees will receive a participation certificate.​

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