MvvmCross Training

Get to know all about this amazing populair topic and maximize your code sharing


Learn everything there is to know about MvvmCross and boost your cross-platform mobile project!

MVVM is the defacto architectural pattern for building Xamarin apps. On the other hand, MvvmCross is the leading MVVM solution for Xamarin and .NET. In this training you will learn all the ins and outs to really succeed in your project and get the most out MvvmCross, no matter if you use Xamarin.Forms or the traditional approach.


Reduce the amount of code you must write by sharing your business logic across platforms.
Use the Factory pattern, the Service Locator pattern, and Dependency Injection to access platform-specific APIs from shared code in a loosely-coupled manner.
Learn common architectural principals and styles to properly structure your mobile app.
Learn the basics of MvvmCross, what platforms does the framework support, what is the main goal for it and what are the alternatives.
ViewModels have a lifecycle and a clear responsibility in the MVVM implementation. Learn how to make a good implementation while getting the most out of them. 
Data binding syntaxes, default bindings, binding modes, custom bindings and much more!
Learn how to navigate from one screen to the other using MvvmCross and the different customization possibilities.
Presenters are a key object in the MvvmCross navigation system. Extend the existing presenter and send hints to drive behavior in your app.
RecyclerView, TableView, ListView and CollectionView are used on any mobile app nowadays. Learn how MvvmCross leverages lists.
Use existing plugins and create your own for domain specific features. Then share them across your business.
MvvmCross uses IoC plus DI internally. Learn advanced topics about it and how to customize it to optimize performance.
MvxNotifyTask and how to do async work from a sync context. Best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Target Audience

This course is for developers that are already experienced with Xamarin, but want to deepen their C# knowledge.

Lab Development

Most of the courses in this training have a lab. In these labs you will focus on Xamarin C# subjects. 


Students should have significant previous experience with the C# programming language and familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and interfaces. Knowledge of or experience with the Native iOS SDK’s are a big plus.

Continuing Education Program:​

Course Materials

All attendees receive comprehensive courseware.

Software needed on student PC




Attendees will receive a participation certificate.​

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