Microsoft Xamarin Training

Our expert trainers will take your team to the next level of Xamarin development.

  • Xamarin Essentials

    • Intro to Xamarin ecosystem
    • 1-day programme
    • Intro to iOS and Android development
    • Get a deeper understanding of Xamarin development

  • Xamarin Advanced

    • Start developing with Xamarin
    • 5-day programme
    • Learn cross-platform mobile development
    • Master Xamarin.Forms
    • Uses Xamarin University curriculum and materials

  • Xamarin Certified Professional

    • Get Xamarin-University Certified
    • 7-day programme
    • Full Xamarin University curriculum and exam
    • Get the skills you need to develop your own apps with Xamarin

Meet the Trainers

We are proud to be the only company worldwide with three Xamarin University-certified trainers, which speaks to the renowned passion and expertise of our team.

  • Maurits van Beusekom

    A senior consultant and mobile developer specialized in Xamarin and Azure, and a Xamarin Certified Developer and Trainer, Maurits has had a passion for C# and .NET since they were first released. In his free time, he loves to play lego with his kids, watch TV with his wife and play around with his IoT projects.

    Xamarin certification badges

    His thoughts on teaching: “I love being part of that moment when people realize how things fall together. I get an huge energy boost from the enthusiasm of people when they realize all the things they can do with their newfound knowledge.”

  • Chris Lamont

    A Certified Xamarin Developer and Trainer, Chris is also a former professional volleyball player and Olympian who loves running, cycling and playing football.

    Xamarin certification badges

    His thoughts on teaching: “Xamarin and mobile development in general covers such a broad spectrum within the software development industry that it can be daunting at times, even for seasoned professionals. Having been originally self-taught in Xamarin, it gives me great pleasure in helping others achieve their goals by making their path that bit easier than it was for myself.”

  • Marc Bruins

    A Microsoft MVP and Xamarin Enterprise Consultant, as well as a Xamarin Certified Developer and Trainer, Marc is an enthusiastic mobile application developer from Utrecht who loves to tell others about the power of Xamarin.

    Xamarin certification badges and Microsoft MVP


Custom Training

From advanced topics to hackathons, we can organize the training you’re looking for.

  • Custom Xamarin Training

    • Advanced topics
    • Customized agenda
    • Target your specific knowledge gaps
    • On-site training for your team

  • Open Source MvvmCross

    • From beginner to advanced
    • Cross-platform coding
    • App architecture

  • Xamarin Test Cloud

    • Introduction to XTC
    • How to develop UI tests
    • Different test methodologies
    • Test management


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Head of Xamarin Training
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