Mobile Strategy & DevOps Training

Inform yourself and your team about all the new technology before starting a new mobile development project


Be very opinionated about choosing technology for you next Mobile Development Project

In this 3 days instructor led course a tour of all available technologies for mobile development will be delivered. Ranging from traditional native development to hybrid and cross platform native development. An introduction to DevOps for mobile and more than a few words of advise for the unique set of challenges the mobile world has. An introduction to DevOps for mobile and more than a few words of advise for the unique set of challenges the mobile world has. A must for every team that will be involved in a mobile app development project.


What do we understand by mobile? What are the main platforms? What kind of alternatives do I have to implement a mobile presence? When is it recommended to go for each alternative? 


Explore Android traditional development in deep and understand creating a simple Android app using the most advanced tools in the market. Explore the key aspects about the platform.

Learn about iOS traditional development, the key concepts and understand how to create a simple iOS app. See how iOS is different from other platforms.


It can be very difficult to imagine what applications will look like on different platforms. Cross-Platform frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter and React Native are gaining a lot of popularity in the market. Learn the reasons, the pros and cons for every framework and be able to make a choice based on your needs

The mobile world has its own unique set of challenges and these need to be considered also for DevOps. Learn the key differences to be considered and what are the most popular tools and platforms to be used.

Learn about offline sync, REST and GraphQL, background processing, databases, security, notifications and much more!

Target Audience

This course is for product owners and developers that are already familiar with software development, but want to deepen their mobile knowledge.

Lab Development

Most of the courses in this training only include theoretical content and open discussions. Computers are optional.


Students should have previous knowledge about software development in general. Knowledge of or experience with DevOps, object-oriented programming concepts are a big plus.

Course Materials:​

All materials necesarry for the Participatory Desing training will be provided by Xablu.


Attendees will receive a participation certificate.​

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