XABLU welcomes two new interns, Mads and Mattijs!

Kasia Krzyzanowski

New interns at XABLU

This week, Mads and Mattijs officially join the XABLU team for a six-month internship. They follow in the footsteps of fellow Saxion University of Applied Science student Maurice Markvoort, who completed his graduation assignment with us and has since become a full member of the XABLU development team! We asked Mads and Mattijs, who are both studying software engineering, a few questions to get to know them better…

1. How did you hear about Xablu and why did you want to do an internship here?

Mads: We both heard about XABLU through a post by Maurice on Saxion’s HBO-ICT Facebook group.

Mattijs: Before that, I had never heard of Xablu nor Xamarin. When I looked up the company I was very excited because of the three core values: learn and share, autonomy and having fun(!). And I was excited about Xamarin because I had never heard of a cross-platform app development program before, and the idea of having to write way less code for the same result sounds amazing!

2. What is your internship project about?

Mattijs: The internship project will be done together with my Saxion colleague Mads. Together we will take a look at the possible uses and pros and cons of Xamarin.Forms and React Native.

3. What are your future career goals in software/app development?

Mattijs: I want to broaden my knowledge in these fields as much as possible in order to be able to start working for different software companies.

Mads: My future career goal would be working in cyber security. Or to start my own company – I just need a billion dollar idea first!

4. What do you hope to get out of your internship at Xablu?

Mads: I would like to learn about cross platform app development, and learn how a professional company tests their app/software to make sure that it’s good enough for the customer.

Mattijs: As I said in the previous answer, I would like to greatly broaden my level of knowledge. That’s why I’m very happy that we get to investigate new things during our internship. I will definitely learn a lot more in the field of app development with the help of Xamarin, but also C#, which I have never used before. Besides that, I will get an idea of what it’s like to work for a company and a taste of the business atmosphere, which I’m really looking forward to!

Interested in learning more about doing an internship at Xablu?

Check out our Careers page for more about working for us and get an in-depth look at the intern experience in Maurice Markvoort’s recent blog post.


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