One week to Xamarin mastery at Newegg


Newegg training participants

XABLU developer Marc Bruins has just got back from a week in sunny California, where he led a Xamarin training course at Newegg headquarters.

A leading retailer for computer hardware in North America, Newegg was interested in getting its developers started with Xamarin. They approached US-based training company Accelebrate, who then got in touch with Marc Bruins to lead an in-house course. As a Microsoft MVP and Xamarin University-certified trainer, Marc regularly teaches and speaks about Xamarin to both beginners and experienced developers.

One week to get developing with Xamarin

After several calls with Newegg, Marc got to work preparing for a five-day training program aimed at taking their developers from Xamarin newbies to independently coding Xamarin apps. Last week, he flew over to Newegg headquarters in Industry, California to deliver the training in person.

18 developers from both back-end and front-end teams attended the training, both on-location and remotely. The course followed the Xamarin University curriculum and included interactive discussions and hands-on labs where participants could quickly apply their new knowledge.

After an intensive week of learning, it was time to hand out the certificates. Congratulations to the new Xamarin developers!

Interested in your own in-house training course?

Whether you’re looking for an intro to the technology, or want an intensive course to get your dev team ready to code with Xamarin, we’re here to help. Our training team is made up of three Xamarin University-certified trainers who are also full-time developers. This means that not only are they officially qualified to teach Xamarin app development, they also speak from their everyday experience in the field.

Check out our Training page for more details or just send an email to Mark Jonker, Head of Training, at

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