Introducing Bart Kuipers, Xamarin developer!

Kasia Krzyzanowski

Meet Bart Kuipers Xamarin Developer

We recently welcomed a new developer to our team, Bart! We asked him to introduce himself through a few questions:

1. Tell me a bit about yourself as a developer:

I’m a .NET developer with over five years of software development experience. I split my time between the Netherlands and the Philippines, where for the past two years I’ve been responsible for developing a new Xamarin.Forms app and managing a small team of Filipino developers.

Although I don’t have a pure technical education background, I fell in love with programming. What I like about the job is the journey from analyzing a complex problem to finding a solution and actually creating a useful app. This is even more fun when you have great team members who can help you along that journey. Hardly a day passes by where you do not learn anything new!

2. What do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not programming I like traveling, eating, beach bumming and more eating!

3. What will you be doing for XABLU?

As a Xamarin Developer I’ll be contributing to different mobile app projects. I’m currently working on the Minibrew project together with my colleagues Maurice and Damiano.

4. What has your experience at XABLU been like so far? What are you looking forward to?

Although I’ve only been working for XABLU for a very short time, I have a good first impression. Very nice colleagues, Kapsalon (Dutch kebab) team lunch on Fridays, and interesting projects. What’s not to like? I’m really looking forward to working on many challenging projects and working together with the XABLU team to deliver awesome apps!

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