Introducing Ivo Krugers, Xamarin developer

Kasia Krzyzanowski

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Kasia Krzyzanowski

This week we’re happy to introduce Ivo Krugers, a Senior Xamarin developer who joined our team this month.

1. What brought you to Xamarin development and where do you want to go with it?

I’ve been a software developer all my life. Reusing code is always something we developers yearn for, so having decided to move into mobile development, Xamarin was the logical choice. I love what I’m doing and just go with the opportunities that arise.

2. What will you do at XABLU?

At XABLU, I’ll do a lot of app development (I’m currently part of the MiniBrew app project) but also provide Xamarin training to inspire others.

3. What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to relax and spend time with my family.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re currently looking for new developers from Junior to Senior. If you’re interested in or experienced with Microsoft Xamarin and want to be part of awesome projects, check out our open positions!

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