MyGalileoApp – Two Xablu mentored teams under the final 10!

Sabine Alberts

The Xablu Participation

The ten projects in the MyGalileoApp competition judged to be the most exciting in terms of their level of innovation, market potential, and technical feasibility are finally revealed!. Selected from 30 projects shortlisted for the competition’s first development phase, these 10 projects will now advance to the second development phase, at the end of which they should deliver a fully functioning app. Two of the 10 finalists were mentored by Xablu.

European GNSS Agency

Photo: ©GSA, ©European GNSS Agency

Trukatu and Henk Kok: The Smart Navigation and Infotainment innovation category

The Smart Navigation and Infotainment innovation category account for three of the 10 finalists. The Ready Park app (France), GALILEONAUT (France) and the Trukatu app (Spain) which is a mobile C2C platform that connects people who want to rent or lease items with owners who have items to rent out. Trukatu enjoyed the mentoring and guidance of Xablu Co-Founder Henk Kok.

European GNSS Agency

Photo: ©GSA, ©European GNSS Agency

LetMeAut and Maaike Dokter: the Fitness, Sport and mHealth category


Two of the shortlisted projects fall in the Fitness, Sport and mHealth category. The first of these – PanPan – Possible Assistance Needed (Germany) and LetMeAut (Italy) – makes everyday tasks easier for people with autism. Our team is proud to have had our Solution Advisor for Mobile Healthcare Maaike Dokter supervising LetMeAut towards their positioning under the top 10.

The other five

These four of the 10 shortlisted projects are in the Augmented Reality and Games innovation category: uMaze (Finland), ARGEO (Italy), STPR (Poland, Australia, Ukraine) and arstory (Germany). Finally, the Mapping, GIS and Agriculture innovation category accounts for one app among the top ten shortlisted projects: Tractor Navigator (France).

High standards leading to the hard competition!

We are proud to not have one but two of our experts contribute to the team’s developments and achievements in this very high-standard and hard competition.

“The standard of entry in this year’s competition was very high, which made the judges’ task a difficult one. However, the final 10 projects stood out in terms of their innovative approach and uptake potential and we are looking forward to seeing the final working apps in October,” said Justyna Redelkiewicz Musial, in charge of LBS and IoT market development at the European GNSS Agency (GSA). “We hope that the 20 projects that didn’t make it into the second development phase will continue to develop their apps because, at the finals, they will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the progress that they have made,” she said.


The Clock is ticking!

The 10 projects selected for the second development phase will have until October 21 to deliver a finalized version of their app with 100% functionality. During this phase, the teams can receive technical support from the competition’s technical and business advisory team. At the end of the phase, the application should be already available for download on the Google Play and Apple platforms.

Receiving the reward they deserve!

All teams that will successfully complete the second development phase will be invited to the finals, to be held on November 2019, where they will present their application to the GSA evaluation board. The awards will be decided after these presentations, with the first-place winner receiving a EUR 100,000 prize. The runner up and third place winners will receive EUR 50,000 and EUR 30,000 respectively.

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