Xamarin for Healthcare: Training Philips VitalHealth Team


At the end of October, we were present at Philips VitalHealth to provide a one-week training focused on gaining experience with Xamarin development. Our Microsoft MVP Developer, Nico Milcoff, spend the week with their eager development team.

Distance Nico Milcoff traveled

Nico traveled a very long distance; from Rosario, Argentina to finally end up in the Veluwe to reach Uddel, where VitalHealth is located. VitalHealth focuses on improving people’s health and enabling better health outcomes through digital innovations and solutions.  

A week of Gaining Experience in Xamarin

In five intense back-to-back training days, the VitalHealth developers gained much Xamarin knowledge as well as hands-on experience through practical exercises.

Philips reached out to us through our training partner Global KnowledgeThe team wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge of Xamarin and, therefore, they dived into the ‘Xamarin Certified Developer’ training 

Nico was very enthusiastic about the progress he saw, and he very much enjoyed working with the team:  

“I was honestly amazed by the team spirit and how much interest they had for Xamarin. This was a great experience.”

The VitalHealth development team also looks back on a successful week: 

“We learned a lot, received a lot of practical information that matched our daily work thanks to a well-prepared training and the high level of knowledge and enthusiasm of our trainer, Nico!”


Philips VitalHealth

After this successful collaboration, we look forward to working together with Philips VitalHealth in the future and we are eager to see their obtained Xamarin knowledge incorporated in new solutions and innovations to improve health. 

Xamarin training at Philips

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