Exploring Mobile Strategies with KPN


At the end of 2019, while many were preparing for the holidays, our trainers Nico and Ruud were busy working on a new training for KPN: Mobile Strategies and DevOps Training.
Xablu has years of experience in training companies inCross-Platform Mobile Development. Throughout the years, we have been part of many projects and we have gained a vision on which strategies work for different types of mobile projects and companies.

We collected all this knowledge and developed this into a training vital to any starting project: which decisions do you need to make first, which mobile development framework and architecture will you use, what is the perfect team to realise your project, etc.?

In two days, Ruud and Nico discussed many diverse topics related to starting a new mobile project. Besides the prepared presentation, many fruitful discussions with KPN were held to dive further into the prepared topics, as well as to discuss the specific situation of KPN.
Specific advice could be formulated to help create a starting point for the project. All in all, it was a great experience for both the trainers as well as the trainees: exchanging experiences and putting different expertises together to build a strong foundation for a new Mobile Development Project.

Are you also interested in this training?It can be difficult to start a new project. Contact us and let us help you define a great foundation for your specific project.