Say goodbye to XamExpertDay

Sebastián Pérez

Last month there was an event that brings us a lot of content in the world of Xamarin: XamExpertDay 2021. Because of the global context, this year as last year was held virtually and was attended by Microsoft technical leaders and developers with a lot of experience in the world of Xamarin. Another curious fact is that it will be the last edition of the event at least with this name because Xamarin will be formally incorporated into .NET with the release of .NET 6.

This edition was particularly special because topics related to .NET MAUI have already begun to be seen. If you are interested in the subject we highlight these talks:

Building Your Next .NET MAUI App – David Ortinau
Building Accessible Apps with .NET MAUI – Rachel Kang
Drawn controls in .NET MAUI – Javier Suárez Ruiz

And if you want to understand better what it is about first check out this post.

There really was a great level of talks with very curious topics such as handling a hand sanitizer with a mobile application. I was also struck by the talk of comparing MVVM and MVU patterns as it is a topic that is being analyzed for the next versions of .NET MAUI.

We at Xablu really like these events, and we’re looking forward to the .NET Conf next week. And maybe we’ll have some surprises for that conference. Stay tuned !