.NET Conf 2021 is coming

Sebastián Pérez

As every year there will be a new edition of the most important .NET conference in the world: .NET Conf. This year will feature two tasty ingredients: the release of .NET 6 and … my first participation in the event 🙂

The conference will be held from November 9th to 11th and will focus mainly on what is new that introduces .NET 6. Also, it will introduce Visual Studio 2022 that has been recently released and we can see some news about .NET MAUI (preview 10). If you want to know more about the topics that will be presented I invite you to read these posts:

  1.  .NET MAUI
  2. .NET MAUI Behaviours
  3. Minimal API.

You can follow all the news of the event in the following link: .NET Conf 2021 (dotnetconf.net)

Finally, I invite you to be part of my presentation on “Creating NFT with .NET” next Thursday 11th at 6 am (PT) / 10 am (ARG) / 2 pm (NT). See you there !