Xablu Team participates in the Monkey Conf

Juan Sturla

This week, on the first day of December, it was the fourth edition of Monkey Conf.

Monkey Conf is a .NET related event, the biggest held in Spain. This edition and the one from the year before were online conferences because of the pandemic situation.
While this might sound as a downside, it was a great opportunity for them to go global, allowing not only viewers from all around the world but also speakers.

The talks

Even though the event is oriented to .NET, all the talks were about mobile: Xamarin and .NET MAUI.

After the event’s Keynote, our fellow Sebastián Pérez was the first speaker.

He talked about what you need to know to get started with .NET MAUI: from how Xamarin became .NET MAUI, what tools to use or if you should wait until it’s release and more!

You can watch his talk in the video below:

But Sebastián was not the only one of our team who participated in the event, I was there too for the second talk.
Mine was about writing platform-specific code for your .NET MAUI applications. In this session you will learn what it is, why should you use it and different ways of implementing it with some code samples.

You can watch my talk in the video below:

There were other talks by great speakers, make sure to check them out!