Building a Christmas tree with .NET 6

Sebastián Pérez

It doesn’t matter if this year you were a good kid or not since Santa Claus gave us some improvements and news about the .NET platform. Let’s create an imaginary Christmas tree with the last news on the .NET platform:

1 – .NET 6: The star that adorns the tip of the Christmas tree. The new version of this open source framework that have many features as unified common base libraries and SDK, support for Apple Silicon (Arm64) and long-term support. You can read more on what’s new in .NET 6 in this link.

2 – .NET Upgrade assistant: It can be considered an ornament, an accessory for the Christmas tree but an important one. This application reduces the time and difficulty of updating projects in older versions of .NET. It is very well explained and very easy to run, and it supports multiple project types even .NET 6. You can explore the tool in this link.

3 – Hot Reload: This would be like the colored lights surrounding the tree. It really is something that cannot be missed because it prevents you from redeploying the application every time you change something in the code: “Less time restarting, more time coding”. It is not only available in Visual Studio but also through the command line. Learn more in this link.

4 – C#10: The code of C# is the leaves of our tree. A fundamental component of the platform since it is the most used language (you also can program is F# and VB.NET). My favorite improvement are the implementation of global using and file-scope namespace since they are time-saving: write once, use a lot. More info in this link.

5 – Minimal APIs: This functionality is the Christmas cookie. Now we can build cloud native APIs in a single file. If you want to know more you can read this post.

What is your favorite? Would you add any more to the Christmas tree? 

Xablu team wish you a merry Christmas !