5 things for .NET MAUI devs to look forward to in 2022

Sebastián Pérez

The year 2021 has brought us a lot of news related to .NET 6. However, we are going to highlight some milestones that must be taken into account for next year:

1. .NET MAUI release: This year we had a working preview of .NET MAUI and a lot of announcements. However, we will have the release of this long-awaited framework for mobile cross-platform development by the middle of next year. If you can’t wait, stay tuned because a release candidate will be out very soon 🙂

2. Visual Studio 2022 for Mac: This tool, which was once known as Xamarin Studio, is used by developers who use MacOS environments. For this version 2022 a new version was created using native components to achieve an improvement in performance. The bad news are that we don’t have currently a stable version, but we will soon in 2022. If you want to try, you can find a preview version that can be downloaded here.

3. C#11: Although there is no official announcement of what will come in the next version of this programming language, some issues have already appeared in the Github repository that give us some clues. For example, the keyword field and list patterns, features that were left out of version 10. When ? Probably at .NET 7 release.

4. Microsoft Build 2022: Starting in Q2 2022 we will find Microsoft’s most important developer-oriented event: Microsoft Build. This event, that used to be face-to-face, adopted full-remote in recent years due to the pandemic and although there is no official announcement of the event, we can imagine that it will continue in the same way. In this event the releases roadmap is usually announced for the rest of the year, will it be the chance to see the stable version of .NET MAUI?

5. .NET 7 release: Although .NET 6 is a long support version, the roadmap for this technology tells us that in 2022 we will have version 7 available. This version will be very important for the integration of .NET MAUI, since it will be the first version that supports it from the beginning. When ? November 2022, and as expected a new edition of the .NET Conf will accompany this release.

What are you looking forward the most? I definitely vote .NET MAUI release !

On behalf of the Xablu team, we wish you a great 2022!