Ditch the MVP: Achieving Success with the Smallest Successful Release

Discover why the traditional MVP approach might not be the best strategy for established organizations. At Xablu, we advocate for the “Smallest Successful Release” (SSR), a strategy that balances minimalism with functionality to deliver significant value and a comfortable user experience. Learn how integrating Dual Track Agile, thorough UX research, and hypothesis testing can help your organization confidently roll out new features and products, ensuring user satisfaction and minimizing risk.

Aligning Software Product Management with the EU Digital Single Market Opportunities

Explore how software product managers can navigate the complexities of the EU Digital Single Market by integrating key frameworks such as eIDAS, euID, and EBSI into their development strategies. This post covers essential considerations for product managers aiming to enhance compliance, interoperability, and user experience across European markets.

Ensuring Your Investment in Software Development Delivers Maximum Value

How can you ensure that your investment is not only secure but also efficiently driving maximum returns? At Xablu, we guide software organizations to adopt an operating model that directly connects business objectives with measurable software development outcomes, ensuring your funds are put to optimal use. This post delves into how we create clarity and alignment in software projects, significantly cutting down costs and speeding up development processes through strategic planning and rigorous UX research.

Cost Targeting in Software Product Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Explore the critical strategy of Cost Targeting in Software Product Management, emphasizing the Smallest Successful Release approach for optimizing resources and maximizing product lifecycle. This multidisciplinary tactic ensures financial viability while delivering value, fostering collaboration, and integrating feedback for continuous improvement.

The transition from Xamarin to .NET MAUI

Explore the seamless transition from Xamarin to .NET MAUI with our expert insights. Discover how our tailored approach minimizes disruptions and maximizes efficiency for your business’s app development journey.