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What do you need?

You’re a new developer with an interest in app development. During your studies you learned the basics of Object-Oriented Programming and gained some experience in app or web development.

You enjoy solving complex technical challenges and you’re continuously keeping yourself up-to-speed with the latest technological trends and developments. You love to share information with your colleagues and are interested in Open Source projects.


What are you going to do?

As a Junior Developer you will first learn the basics of developing cross-platform mobile apps with Microsoft Xamarin. You’ll be guided by our more experienced developers and work in a team to create apps for our clients worldwide.

After you’ve been trained by your colleagues and have dived deeper into development, you will start to work more independently. Sparring with colleagues, considering customer requirements and giving them a technical interpretation are all part of the position.

Besides developing mobile or web apps, you’ll have the space and freedom to explore other programming languages. You can find out what Flutter is and how it reacts in comparison to React-Native. The things you have learned you will then share with your colleagues.

In this position you’ll have the freedom to work from wherever you want (office, home or elsewhere) and the space to work on your own professional development.


Who is XABLU?

XABLU is a leader in cross-platform mobile app development and consultancy. From boosting our clients’ development teams to helping them hone their mobile strategy, we’re there to support them with all of their app development needs.  

In addition, we regularly host events where developers can talk about technology, hack a little bit and socialize. We’re known for our deep expertise in the Microsoft Xamarin mobile ecosystem as well as our signature friendly and efficient approach.  

At XABLU you’ll be working in an environment where you can express your talents, ideas and personality. You’ll be pushed by your colleagues to develop yourself and the team, all in an informal, fun atmosphere. 

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