Job Opportunity:
Talent Mobility Specialist

Job Opportunity: Talent Mobility Specialist

We’re looking for a Talent Mobility Specialist!

At XABLU, we’re passionate about connecting professionals with opportunities that allow them to thrive. We’re currently seeking a people centric Talent Placement Specialist to join our team. This role is integral to our mission, as you’ll have the unique opportunity to serve as a trusted guide for professionals on their career journey, assessing their skills and preferences, and matching them with suitable temporary assignments on our platform.

What do you need?

To be successful in this role, it is of course important that you get energy from working with people. In addition, you are able to present yourself well verbally and non-verbally. Furthermore:

  • You are proactive: As a Talent Mobility Specialist, it is important to actively search for new assignments for your professionals, improve their CV’s, and build relationships. You take the lead in the matching process and take action to optimize the changes of landing the new assignment for your professionals.
  • You have perseverance: Searching the right vacancy for a professional can be challenging! You commit to matching the best vacancies with your professionals, even if this requires extra effort.
  • You are organizationally strong: As a Talent Mobility Specialist, you must be able to manage multiple professionals at the same time. The ability to be organized, prioritize, meet deadlines, and work efficiently is crucial to deliver the promise we give to our professionals.
  • You work process-oriented: The matching process includes various steps, such as drafting and updating resumes, screening job openings, planning interviews, and selection. The ability to work process-oriented helps you to be structured and consistent in every phase of the process. We support you here with a lot of technology 😃.
  • You have good communication skills: As a Talent Mobility Specialist, you regularly communicate with all your professionals to keep them informed about the steps you take for them to land the perfect assignment.

What are you going to do?

As a Talent Mobility Specialist at XABLU, you play a crucial role in nurturing and aligning our technical professionals with their career aspirations. We believe in fostering close relationships with our professionals, truly understanding their unique qualities, and aligning their needs with the right opportunities. By deeply understanding their talents, you will be able to match them with the most suitable assignments. In this role, we encourage you to take the initiative, create your own success, and share your innovative ideas.

In summary:

Personal Connection: You will facilitate and conduct profile enhancement sessions and selection discussions with our professionals. These could be through phone calls, digital meetings, or face-to-face conversations.

Matching and Screening: Your role involves active recruitment activities, always keeping the professional’s interests at heart. You will screen job openings based on the experiences, skills, and fit with the professionals you represent.

Relationship Management: You will cultivate relationships with your professionals, respond to their queries, provide information about the positions you select for them, and ensure a positive experience throughout the entire recruitment process.

Collaboration with Colleagues: You will work in close collaboration with all team members, coordinating matching strategies, and ensuring a smooth process.

Administration: Keeping accurate records is crucial within our organization. You will ensure that all information in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is consistently up-to-date.

Also important:

  • You speak and write perfect Dutch and English.
  • You have a HBO/WO work and thinking level.
  • Strong affinity with IT and all developments within the landscape.
  • Experience in similar positions is a plus. No exact match? No problem, just like within our sourcing process, we look at the possibilities of what someone wants and can do!

Who is XABLU?

XABLU is a leader in cross-platform software & cloud development and consultancy. From boosting our clients’ development teams to helping them hone their IT strategy, we’re there to support them with all of their software & cloud development needs.

In addition, we regularly host events where professionals can talk about technology, hack a little bit and socialize. We’re known for our deep expertise in the Tech ecosystem as well as our signature friendly and efficient approach.

At XABLU you’ll be working in an environment where you can express your talents, ideas and personality. You’ll be pushed by your colleagues to develop yourself and the team, all in an informal, fun atmosphere.

Your Profile

  • Experienced Career Counselor \ Product Owner \ Coach
  • You get energy from working with people
  • Perseverance is your middel name: always landing the perfect job for your specialists
  • Technology buff
  • You have great communication skills
  • Want to develop (or flex 😃) your coaching skills