Service design

Discover our Service Design approach, where analysis and creative solutions come together to transform your service delivery. We get to the bottom of your business challenges and opportunities and use design thinking to deliver innovations that really resonate with your users and team. Our methodology enables your organisation to continuously improve and innovate, essential for sustainable growth.

A company finds that customers are struggling to understand their service offerings, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction and a decline in repeat purchases. They seek to redesign their service process to improve clarity and ease of use.

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Guidance on moving from Xamarin to .NET MAUI.

Our Service Design process starts with an analysis of your current services and customer interactions to identify areas for improvement. We use design thinking to develop customised solutions that meet the needs of your users and team. This collaborative process enables your organisation to continuously innovate and improve, aimed at refining your services and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Strategic Planning for .NET Maui Migration

An organisation experiences that their customer service is under pressure due to an increase in customer queries and complaints, which exceed their current capacity. They are looking for a way to make their customer service process more efficient and reduce waiting times.

Strategic migration planning

UX optimization

Improved DevOps

Upgradable architecture

  • Strategic migration planning
  • UX optimization
  • Improved DevOps
  • Upgradable architecture
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The benefits

Migrating to .NET MAUI simplifies app development with a single project structure, easing the management of multiple platform deployments with a single click.

During the migration we can implement enhanced UI/UX, resulting in satisfied users and increased engagement. From the technical perspective you get access to new controls and modern UI patterns in .NET MAUI which allows your team to create a more responsive and attractive app.

.NET MAUI brings notable performance improvements, ensuring smoother and faster app operation, leveraging the capabilities of .NET 7 and .NET 8​

.NET MAUI’s architecture simplifies the addition of new platforms, providing greater flexibility and future-proofing for evolving tech ecosystems. Platforms include iOS, Android, Samsung Tizen, Windows 10, Windows 11, MacOS, 

.NET MAUI supports handler architecture that is very loosely coupled with native assembly next to the renderer architecture used in Xamarin. 

Our migration ensures that your apps remain secure and reliable, with advanced security features.

By integrating .NET MAUI Blazor, you can utilize the capabilities of Blazor for web technologies while benefiting from the cross-platform capabilities of .NET MAUI.

Our experienced developers are ready to support your team and answer questions throughout the migration process.

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