General information

It’s great that you want Xablu to train or coach you to help you start a project, define a strategy, or boost your team! We’ve listed the most important conditions for you here. But first, a clarification. Within the discipline of Cross Platform Strategy, the world is moving fast and continuously changing. There is a thin line between training and coaching. Please feel free to reach out to adapt some of the training content to your specific needs. These modules and courses we deliver are mostly very open to adaption. Based on your input we gladly make an alteration in the courses to adapt to your current needs.

All correspondence about registration for courses, modules, hackathons and workshops takes place by email. Please use our email address Don’t forget to keep us up to date with your current email address. We wish you lots of success and creativity here at Xablu!

These terms and condition apply to Training and Coaching sessions offered by Xablu in the field of Cross Platform Development Strategy, Team Development and Technical Skill Development. These courses are only available to teams unless otherwise stated. By registering for one of these courses you agree to accept all terms and conditions as stated below.


Terms for registration

Some of the training sessions and workshops require preparatory work. Take notice of this when you register.

Minimum and Maximum number of participants

The minimum and maximum capacity for a specific Training or Coaching session is stated in the information about that training or coaching session. For all training sessions and workshops a “full is full” policy is in effect.

Online payment

• Your registration for a training or coaching session will only be complete after you have completed the (online) registration form and paid the fee.
• You can register for a place at the latest 7 days before the training or coaching session is due to take place.
• If you wish to participate in a training or coaching session that takes place within 7 days you must contact Xablu: +31850013451.


If you must cancel your registration, we will refund your payment up to 21 days before the course date less a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 14 days of class, a 25% cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel 10 days or less or if you fail to show up without cancelling, you will be charged the full amount of the course. Cancellation fees apply whether payment has been processed or not. Cancellation fees are non-negotiable.

Cancellation by Xablu

Xablu reserves the right, in case of insufficient participants, to cancel the workshop or training session offered before the start date, or to offer a modified version. Students will be informed of this at least 5 days before the date of the workshop or training session. The student can choose to participate either in the modified version or in the original workshop/training session at a later date, or to have the complete fee refunded.

Who is XABLU?

XABLU is a leader in cross-platform mobile app development and consultancy. From boosting our clients’ development teams to helping them hone their mobile strategy, we’re there to support them with all of their app development needs.

In addition, we regularly host events where developers can talk about technology, hack a little bit and socialize. We’re known for our deep expertise in the Microsoft Xamarin mobile ecosystem as well as our signature friendly and efficient approach.