Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

This course uses Microsoft Visual Studio community edition. It incorporates material from Xamarin University’s classes. 


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In this course, you will learn more advanced topics of cross-platform mobile development with Microsoft’s Xamarin platform. It will prepare you for the exam to become Xamarin Certified Developer. You will be introduced to creating custom components that leverage native code. You will learn about Patterns for Cross Platform Mobile Development. Furthermore, you will learn about Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms and you will learn how to use Effects in Xamarin.Forms. Finally, you will participate in a Lab where you will build a Xamarin app from scratch. This course uses Microsoft Visual Studio community edition. It incorporates material from Xamarin University’s classes. 


Display a data collection using the iOS UITableView.
Use Android ListView to display a data collection in your UI.
Create a unique look for your Table View rows by implementing a custom UITableViewCell.
Create a menu using Toolbar and set it as your Activity’s App Bar.
Implement the stack, tab, master-detail, and pager UI navigation patterns.
Implement the tab, gestural, and drawer UI navigation patterns.
Use the Factory pattern, the Service Locator pattern, and Dependency Injection to access platform-specific API’s from shared code in a loosely-coupled manner.
Use Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms to connect your application’s data to your UI.
Use the Xamarin.Forms ListView control to display scrolling lists of interactive data.
Learn common architectural principals and styles to properly structure your mobile app.
Xamarin.Forms UI elements are model objects that are converted to native platform controls at runtime. To take full advantage of each platform’s unique style and patterns you can work directly with the native controls rather than the Xamarin.Forms elements. This course shows you how to use Effects to access and customize the native peer controls. This gives you the same power to modify the appearance of your UI as a native developer.
Locate and fix memory problems in your Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android applications.

Target Audience

This course is for developers that are Xamarin Certified Professional, but want to get their Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification.

all together at once using C# and a shared codebase.

Lab Development

Most of the courses in this training have a lab. In these labs you will learn 

You are going to learn how to create screens, manage parent-child relationships, position views and add behavior.


Students should have significant previous experience with

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Xamarin: Azure, Security and Testing

Course Materials

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