.NET Conf 2021: Updates in .NET MAUI

Sebastián Pérez

In the previous post I shared the videos that I recommend to see of the conference, however we didn’t see anything on .NET MAUI. Why? First because I was planning to do it in this post, but mainly because we are still in a preliminary version of this new .NET component and there weren’t many announcements.

To start, if it is your first approach to .NET MAUI I recommend you to read this post and watch this video of the conference:

A very interesting functionality that was presented is to use the controls already known in Xamarin Forms but a drawn version instead of its native version:

Blazor + MAUI: We can write web applications with Blazor in the same way as we did before but adding the chance of deploy them also on mobile devices:

Finally I here you have some updates related to one of the most used libraries which was created and maintained by the community: (Former Xamarin Community Toolkit) .NET Maui Community Toolkit

Although there were no big announcements, this point helps us to catch up and be ready for when the stable version comes out next year. Stay connected !