Building a Christmas tree with .NET 6

Back to all It doesn’t matter if this year you were a good kid or not since Santa Claus gave us some improvements and news about the .NET platform. Let’s create […]

.NET Status 2021

Back to all The year is almost over and I think it’s good to do a review of how the .NET environment is currently doing. Let’s first take a look […]

.NET Conf 2021: Updates in .NET MAUI

Back to all In the previous post I shared the videos that I recommend to see of the conference, however we didn’t see anything on .NET MAUI. Why? First because […]

.NET Conf 2021: 5 videos you have to see

Back to all The new version of .NET was released and the best place to present it is the most important conference that this platform has: .NET Conf. The conference […]

.NET Conf 2021 is coming

Back to all As every year there will be a new edition of the most important .NET conference in the world: .NET Conf. This year will feature two tasty ingredients: […]

Introducing design thinking

Back to all You have probably heard about this before, but what exactly is Design Thinking? Contrary to popular belief, design thinking is not related to design. There are 2 ways to […]

Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event

Back to all On March the 7th Microsoft will launch Visual Studio 2017 in a live broadcasted event. XABLU will host 4 events at the same time in different locations […]

MvvmCross Meetup

Back to all Over the last year we have been organising our monthly MvvmCross hackathon. Besides the socialising part and the famously good food the main ‘goal’ has always been to attract […]