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Onboarding Remote Colleagues – Learning From the Best

Onboarding remotely: it is not always a choice anymore due to the current COVID-19 situation. But, especially in these times, onboarding cannot be forgotten or cut back on. In our previous posts, we highlighted the importance of team and personal guidance to make the onboarding process a success. However, the onboarding process also needs to provide insights on how practical work is done. With the current state of the art, it is easy to share documents, code and projects digitally.

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Onboarding Remote Colleagues – Guiding the New Colleague

Congratulations, you have hired a new colleague! Chances are that their first day will be spend from their own home. For many companies, and new colleagues, this will be a completely new and challenging experience. In our previous blogpost, we discussed how difficult it can be to really get to know the team, but it needs to be a top priority since it defines the company culture. Today, we will highlight the importance of guidance.   A new employee is always eager

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Onboarding Remote Colleagues – Getting to Know the Team

Starting a new job, or hiring a new employee, is always exciting: both parties are motivated to make a great first impression and start the new collaboration. A first day on the job usually implies going to an office building and meeting your new team and colleagues. However, this phenomenon is slightly different in these times where COVID-19 has us all working from home, and this is of course always different for companies who operate from a remote-first mindset.   Onboarding

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Microsoft Build 2020 – What Day 2 Brought Us

Another day at the 48-online Microsoft Build event! Microsoft delivered some more exciting updates and we are happy to share them with you in this blogpost. Did you miss the announcements from yesterday? You can still read those back here. Spoiler Alert: Microsoft is giving away vouchers for free certifications, continue reading to find out how to get yours!  The Future of Tech Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s CTO, delivered a great session about how he, and Microsoft, envision the future of

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Microsoft Build 2020 – What Day 1 Brought Us

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has transformed this year’s Build conference into a 48-hour online event, accessible to everyone! Within this blogpost, we will look back at the first day of Microsoft Build 2020 and get you up to date with the most important announcements.  Already know what happened on the first day, but curious what they announced the second day? Read everything about day 2 here!  Besides hosting this event online, the current pandemic also has an

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Bitcoin Halving: Friend or Foe

It is just a few days before the bitcoin halving happens. What is it about? First, let’s have a look at some interesting aspects about Bitcoin. I recommend you read this previous post on blockchain before continuing.  The Bitcoin White Paper was published in 2008 by someone with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Its implementation occurred the following year and, a few months later, its author disappeared without a trace. What is different about this distributed and decentralised financial system is its ability to

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Blockchain: things you need to know

Nowadays, there are a lot of people talking about blockchain due to the financial movements of cryptocurrencies, but what does blockchain as a technology offer us?  The word itself gives us two important details: blocks and chains.  That was easy, wasn’t it?  The information is grouped and stored in a package with an identifier. This package is known as a block, and its identifier is known as a block number. The first block, known as the genesis block, is the one

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Remote for Teams – A Proactive Mindset

To help companies in the transition to working remotely, we want to share tips and tricks we have gained through our own experience. In our last blogpost, we gave a tip to managers about trust, which you can read back here. In this blogpost, we want to provide a tip for anyone who is working remotely. It can be quite an adjustment to exchange a dedicated desk at the office for your dining table in the living room. Besides a

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Remote for Teams – a Tip for Managers

Strong measures have been taken to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These measures have a lot of impact on companies and the economy in general. Where possible, companies are asked to let their employees work remotely from home to ensure social contact is avoided as much as possible. We want to help. At Xablu, we have years of experience when it comes to remote work. While remote working has always been a blessing to our company, we understand

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