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.NET standard

The goal of .NET Standard is “one library to rule them all”, or more simply, one set of APIs that can be used across platforms without compatibility issues. At the moment, developers targeting one of the .NET variants need to understand the underlying platform to be able to develop for it. What makes it even more complicated is that there are multiple platform and API versions. Currently, the best solution is to create a PCL (Portable Class Library) and use

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TechDays 2016 wrap up

XABLU attended TechDays 2016 with our ‘100% Pure Xamarin’ story. It was really a blast to be in the zone where the action is happening. Over the last years Microsoft is making a big shift towards open source and being cross-platform; the vibration that this gives is amazing! It’s inspiring to see all these Microsoft partners sharing their knowledge on such a broad scale. Of course XABLU didn’t go unnoticed at this event. During the first day of TechDays we

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XABLU becomes Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

When we started XABLU more than 1 year ago it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to be a ‘100% Pure Xamarin’ company with a focus on mobile app development with Xamarin technology. This week we have become a ‘Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner’: a clear and strong message on both our strategy and capabilities! It is also a ‘thumbs up’ for the XABLU team, as they’re the ones that show and demonstrate our Xamarin skills on a daily

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MvvmCross Meetup

Over the last year we have been organising our monthly MvvmCross hackathon. Besides the socialising part and the famously good food the main ‘goal’ has always been to attract new contributors to the open source project. While this has been successful and indeed PR’s from regular visitors have been accepted upstream, we feel the need to bring this to the next level and make this meeting more accessible to new-comers that are using MvvmCross in their daily work, but not necessarily have

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Microsoft’s TechDays 2016

On the 4th and 5th October the annual Microsoft TechDays will take place in Amsterdam. This year the XABLU team will be present to inform you about Xamarin mobile app development. Whether you want to talk about setting up a good app architecture or organising your mobile strategy: we’re the team that can help you realise your mobile targets! We will be located at the Xamarin stand near the open podium. We also have discounts tickets. Send us a message and save some money! Curious how Xablu

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UI/UX Review

Why do you need a review? Over the years we have seen the mobile space maturing rapidly. While first companies ‘just wanted an app as soon as possible’, these days companies have a full mobile strategy often labelled with a ‘Mobile First’ tag. We have also seen a change in consumer behaviour: brand loyalty is at a low, and feedback to your product or service comes quick and often rather vocal. It is in this space that we think UX (User

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Microsoft releases .NET Core 1.0

When Microsoft introduced C# and .NET back in the day, at least the promise of a potential cross platform technology like Java was there. However, in those days we’re talking about ‘Microsoft 1.0’, were ‘run everywhere’ basically meant: ‘run on every flavor of MS Windows’. This narrow view, amongst others, resulted in C# and .NET only being used inside MS shops, and totally neglected in the ‘alternative universe’. Then Mono, an open-source, cross platform implementation of C#/.NET came along. But

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Should we port our app to Xamarin?

With the recent Microsoft Xamarin takeover it might be the right time to re-evaluate your current mobile app (strategy) and the technology stack it’s based on. If you have been in the position where you needed to define and give shape to a mobile strategy then you’re probably familiar with the choice that needs to be made with respect to the technology stack to use. In general this choice always ends up with 2 possibilities: either go native or choose

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